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Chia: The Good Stuff

Benefits of Chia

We love Chia Seeds, it is an amazing choice for staying hydrated, just pop a teaspoon into your eco-friendly bottle of water and it will release hydration throughout the day. The seeds expand when added to liquid so less is more, go steady with how much you pop in.

Chia Seeds also act as an antioxidant, so great for cleansing and detoxifying, keeping you looking young for longer.

They pack a punch in the fibre and protein arena despite their tiny size 1 ounce will give you 11g of soluble fibre and 4g protein, not bad for a miniscule seed.

Chia seeds also contain Omega 3, great for brain power and great as part of a healthy diet for menopausal women.

It has been claimed that Chia seeds may help with weight loss but no one really wants to get behind that one as it depends on an overall healthy diet and exercise habits.

Also great for menopausal women and the ageing population they are high in bone strengthening nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and protein. Just 28g gives you 18% of your daily recommended daily intake.

Again, like our friend Raw Cacao, the calcium content of this impressive tiny seed is much higher than cow’s milk.

Chia after a meal can help to reduce post-meal high of blood sugar levels.

This is a versatile seed, add it to water during the summer days to stay hydrated, add it to milkshakes to get the nutrients you need before/after high level activity. Use it as an egg replacer, add it to bread dough, to breakfast muffins, cakes, porridge, granola… the list is endless!!

Time for you to get creative with Chia Seeds.